Carrier - Streamline Moving
Shipper - Customer
Point of Origin - Where we are moving you from
Destination - Where we are moving you to
Bill of Lading - Contract Signed Upon Arrival

Suggestions for Better Preparation
Packing - look in every nook and cranny to assure ALL ITEMS are packed and ready
Supplies - purchase packing materials ahead of time, if you would like to pack yourself
Elevator Key - attain the key to control the elevator door during loading and unloading
Parking - reserve specific parking spots that reduces the distance to the moving truck
Crew Size - to save costs, consider a 3-Men crew; they work faster and more efficiently
Insurance - purchase third-party insurance for thorough and enhanced coverage
Read Booklet - every shipper is required to receive the booklet "Important Information for Persons Moving Household Goods"

The three most important phases to understand, during the day of your move, are Loading, Drive Time, and Unloading.

1. Loading
There are no charges for our moving crew to show up at the point of origin. The moment our movers arrive at your doorsteps, we will proceed to signing the bill of lading, which will confirm the rate and insurance agreements - an email, including a PUC mandated booklet, should already have been received. When the contract is signed and completed, the move will officially begin and the time will start from that point.

The moving crew follows guidelines depending whether a 2-Men or 3-Men crew is present. Usually one mover will stay in the truck arranging household goods to fit comfortably, eliminating any shifting to protect any damages while driving. The other mover will be either handling single items (i.e. boxes, wardrobes, lamps, etc.) to the truck or preparing larger items by padding and shrink wrapping them. Obviously, the 3-Menn crew is ideal because they work more efficiently by not depending on the assistance of the packer to move the heavier items.

Time Extending Circumstances:
Truck Distance - the distance from the where the truck is parked to your door
Apartment Floor - it wears movers down and it takes more time to climb a higher floor
Elevator - elevators are over used by tenants and take time to load and unload
Extended Drive Time - drive-time is doubled and a loaded truck travels a max. 55-65mph
Lacking Preparedness - packing is one of the most time consuming tasks during loading time

2. Double Drive Time
Many customers fail to understand the double drive-time charge, but this is actually a simplified system created by the PUC to protect consumers from being overcharged. In the past, movers would charge for the drive time between the point of origin and destination, as well as the drive time from the destination back to the mover's terminal (office). This method left too much uncertainty and created many complaints in regards to the total drive time, mostly due to the shipper's lack of presence in the carrier's return trip to the terminal.

To cover expenses (i.e. insurance, gas, driver wages, etc) in transporting your household goods, we only double the drive time between the point of origin and destination. The minimum drive time, as required by Streamline Moving, is 15 minutes (point of origin to destination) for a total of 30 minutes, after we double it. This is an industry standard for local moves being charged under an hourly rate and is supported by the PUC for shipper protection. It is a fair system for both parties.

If there are multiple destinations, the total drive time between the point of origin and the multiple destinations will be added then doubled.

3. Unloading
After arriving at the destination, the drive time ends and unloading begins. Typically unloading takes less time than loading, much like a Christmas present, more time is spent wrapping than opening it.

Take the time to supervise our movers and direct the specific placement of your items as they are brought inside your home. This process creates a flow that proves efficient. By overseeing the entire unloading phase, this allows to make visual inspections of your goods and make decisions in proceeding with a damage claim. Streamline Moving takes all precautions in preventing such matter, but they do happen and we are insured to handle them (go to Insurance Info).
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