1. Time Slot
Choosing the ideal day for your upcoming move may prove to be the most difficult task. Weekends (Friday-Sunday) are the most popular days, so it's crucial to book early. It's advised to elect the morning slot.
Make sure your contact information is input correctly. This will enable our office to efficintly expedite the scheduling process. This will, also, better prepare us for your call-back.
2. Data Input
In the call back, our representative will ask for in-depth details regarding your move and credit card information to make the deposit. Only a $50 deposit guarantees your move date, which will be credited towards the total cost of your move.
3. Call Back
Using our integrated software, BOOK-A-MOVE automatically qualifies you for a $25 discount.
4. Discount
Once you are prepared to book with Streamline Moving, use our BOOK-A-MOVE streamlined process and save (5% Discount). With our online scheduling tool, we can ensure your moving experience is convenient and trouble-free.  Please, follow the easy instructions to BOOK-A-MOVE:
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